Bristol Palin and Dancing with the Stars

Hunker down, friends, for the world as we know it, and our democracy itself, is about to end.  Why, you ask?  Because, and my hands are shaking as I type this post, Brandy was voted off Dancing with the Stars and–gasp–Bristol Palin has made it to the finals.  From the west coast to the east coast, liberals are wringing their hands.  How could this happen?

The Tea Partiers are responsible for this.  It’s their fault.  It’s a vast right-wing Tea Party conspiracy.  They’re voting more than once!  They’ve blocked Brandy’s phone line!  It’s even rumored that DEAD tea partiers are voting. 

The question on the lips of the Main Stream Media is, “How can it be that someone who is so unqualified possibly win the Dancing with the Stars title?”  What’s next?  Could this lead to someone unqualified being elected President of the United States?  The thought of this is just too scary to even contemplate.

Help us, President Obama.  We need you to weigh in on this.  Forget the debt.  Forget the deficit.  Forget about jobs.  We need a beer summit to get this Dancing with the Stars fiasco under control.

I have to admit I am enjoying this media meltdown and outrage over Bristol Palin tremendously.  I never watched Dancing with the Stars until all the hoopla started.  But I will be watching the finals next week.  Not only will I be watching, I’ll be voting for Bristol over, and over, and over…..