The Ham Sandwich Indictment

Some of you may be familiar with Texas.

If you’re REALLY familiar with Texas, you know that the lead prosecutor in charge of bringing corrupt officials to justice is the District Attorney of Travis County. Which is also about the only leftist enclave in the whole state.

The sweet lady below is the Travis County DA.

She was arrested for driving drunk and abusing the officers who arrested her.

She threatened them with retaliation.

Rick Perry, governor of Texas (and ambitious politician with great hair and stunning in glasses) demanded she resign her office or face a veto of the state portion of her budget.

When she didn’t resign, he made good on his threat.

Today he was indicted on two felony charges of abuse of power.

There’s a saying among lawyers that you can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich (in other words, it doesn’t really take any evidence).

In Travis County there are a great many Republican ham sandwiches that get indicted.

And most of them are eventually exonerated.

And the Travis County DA who was allegedly victimized by Governor Perry?

She’s currently being sued by a former top prosecutor in her office because she fired him after he triggered a state investigation into an alleged cover up by her of police misconduct. Including lying in a trial.

So here we have a contest between a drunken, corrupt prosecutor and a governor who tried to get her out of office.

I think Democrats who are celebrating Mr. Perry’s coming mug shot should probably brace for the onslaught of drunken prosecutor pictures headed their way.

Like this video of her sobriety test and arrest:

Or the jail house montage:

Democrats like this are doing themselves no favors by signing on to this peculiar brand of Democrat partisan “justice”:


To a Democrat, the ideal of justice is getting your political enemies indicted.

In Texas—and probably in locales far removed from Texas—this kind of thinking produces folk heroes.

It’d be hilarious if this ham sandwich indictment propelled Perry all the way to the White House.

Then we can watch Jim Messina’s head explode.

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