(Still) Another False Equivalency Embarrassment

Enter the Mental Midget

How do people like Sally Kohn get a platform?

She’s a ventriloquist’s dummy mouthing words she probably doesn’t understand.

Like today:


It’s simple, really, Sally

How does this sort of ignorance keep endlessly reproducing itself?

It’s like Tribbles.

That kill.

Because that’s exactly what this immoral equivalence does.

It kills. It multiplies. And it kills some more.

It kills Israeli men, women, and children who just want to live in peace.

And it kills Palestinian men, women, and children forced or persuaded to become human shields, whose deaths we all grieve and whom Hamas apologists like Sally Kohn and the people she aligns herself with accuse us of wanting to be killed.

How does it kill?

By letting the lie go unchallenged.

By spreading the lie to an entire generation of Americans, lulling them both to sleep and to false judgement.

By enabling very evil people to grow stronger with no fear of lasting reprisal.

If you can brainwash an entire generation of Americans into believing that violence on both sides of such a clearcut conflict is somehow equivalent—


If you can convince this generation that pure, murderous evil is the victim and legitimate (if humanly imperfect) self-defense is evil—

What evil will that generation ever learn to stand against?

Enter the Jake

Here’s how an adult professional interviews propagandists on a mission:

Sally Kohn would be bombarding this lady with empathy.

Tapper, on the other hand, believes in this thing called truth.

Fact-based truth.

And he won’t let it go.

Enter the Moral Monster

Wonder if Tapper’s on one of this guy’s lists

Showed up an hour or so ago on my time line.

troll lists


What kind of moral cretin do you have to be to troll on this level?

How is a guy like this not shunned by decent people—assuming folks like Sally Kohn actually are decent, and not just too dumb to see the monsters pulling their strings.

This is who you’ve aligned yourself with, Sally

Is it too much to ask that our news organizations and networks, analysts and pundits emulate the Jake Tappers and shame the Sally Kohns into either opening their eyes—or just sitting down?

Think, people.


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