How can a politician suck? Let us count the ways...

People are all atwitter today over still another discussion of partisan suckery

I think the situation calls for a timeout, amidst charges of false equivalence, etc., and ponder what this means.

In other words, can we start separating the oranges from the apples from the bananas and make sure we’re all speaking about the same things?

I love this tweet I just now read:

My contribution to this discussion is to suggest some categories where we can talk about what specific kind of partisan suckery we’re referring to. And then maybe start prioritizing.

I gotta tell ya, when I started thinking of this (oh…52 minutes ago), I had three categories. As soon as I started typing this, it grew to four.


At least for now, I think there are least four ways for a politician to suck:

  1. Ideology
  2. Politics
  3. Competence
  4. Ethics

There they are, as I’ve prioritized them.

I think Mr. Obama sucks at all four.

Clinton sucked at 1 and 4.

Bush? He excelled at 4 and kind of half-sucked on the rest.

Many progressives whose opinions I read think Obama is dandy on 1 and sucks at the other three.

My challenge…

To Ron Fournier and the rest is:

We need to stop generalizing and get to the specifics of your beef with this or that president or this or that party.

When you look at a political controversy, would you please make use of more specific tools—lenses, if you will?

You’ll do a better job and we’ll get more out of the conversation.

What do you think?

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