Matt Lewis is destroying the Republican Party

sarah-palin Matt Lewis cropped

‘Go ahead and cower in fear while a Tyrant destroys America’

Such is the deep thought of a tweeter who agrees with Sarah Palin that we should impeach Barack Obama. It was in reply to  my own tweet, where I counted the political cost—and likely failure—of bringing such an effort to fruition.

I mean, let’s be honest. If your very best, most successful resolution to an incredibly disruptive political fight puts Joe Biden in the White House, you might as well put all your eggs in the electoral basket and skip the time and expense of impeachment.

Not that I’m against building a case for impeachment.

I just don’t want to commit to actually carrying one out.

Not now.

In fact, I wish every GOP leader (you do realize, don’t you, that Sarah Palin is not a GOP leader?), would say something like, “While I don’t favor actually impeaching this president, I do think he deserves impeachment.”

I just don’t think you should file papers to that end.


Here are the two points I laid out in responding to Matt:


When I read Matt’s latest piece on The Telegraph—American Way: Sarah Palin is doing more harm than good to Republican Party—I didn’t disagree with anything he wrote.

Except the thesis.

This is the third point I tweeted to Matt:

Nobody in America confuses Sarah Palin with the Republican Party.

She can say whatever she wants and it’s not going to make anybody outside of unhinged Palinites turn against Republicans.

This has been true for some time.

The more she says foolish things like this, and the more her wild-eyed defenders say incendiary things like my first tweeter above, the less her sympathizers sympathize. And the less they come to her defense.

Unless the Matt Lewises of this world worry out loud she’s busting the brand.

Then that little bit of defensiveness programmed in to a large number of us during the 2008 campaign starts emoting and we’re less able to think clearly.

Matt worries that

Mrs Palin has now put them in the unenviable position of having to choose between pushing for impeachment – a political loser that would likely backfire – or disappointing the conservative base and appearing weak.

I’m pretty sure not all of the Tea Party is on board with her impeachment call. Who knows?

However, the part of the base she appeals to has been calling for impeachment for some time—damn the costs.

None of that base takes their cues from Sarah Palin. Her power comes from saying the things no other public figure is saying. Things her base is already thinking and saying.

But she is not, in the pop leadership parlance of today, a “thought leader.”


If I had Matt Lewis’s platform, I’d leave Sarah Palin alone and argue against less high-profile champions of impeachment.

And I would never bring up undermining the brand. (For one thing, how could the GOP brand get ruined beyond anything Thad Cochran and other crony capitalist Republicans have done for years?)

Because I think worrying about the Palin effect on the brand actually causes the fear to come to fruition.

So, Matt?

Stop ruining the brand, dude!