UPDATED: Stupid Drone Tricks

This is probably my favorite example of a drone who thinks he’s bested his conservative adversary. Then doesn’t see his mistake, even after he’s been called on it.


This little exchange was part of a longer thread debating attempts by legislatures to “control” a woman’s body.

One pro lifer makes a good point. A second responds with an even better one.

(NOTE: Sorry you can’t see the tweet itself. My prolife friend has made his account private.)

Now our drone responds. You can almost see the drool as he’s convinced he’s about to deliver a crushing blow…

Can you tell where he went off the rails?

Reading comprehension is obviously not this guy’s strong point.

All the drone needed to see was the word “rape” and he was off like Pavlov’s dog.

But what did the guy he’s responding to actually say?

  1. If you’re raped you can’t control what grows in your body.
  2. If you’re NOT raped, you can.

In other words, either DON’T do what causes babies (refrain from sex) or do it, but also do what will PREVENT having babies (birth control). But the drone, thinking he’s God’s gift to complex issues, assumes our pro lifer is repeating that dreadful theory that rape doesn’t cause pregnancy.

Not so, my man! Not so.

Aside from really bad reading skills (or, more likely, an inability to override his brain’s hot button wiring), our drone needs to work on his Twitter grammar:

“Flunked biology.”

Who? The drone? Or the pro lifer?

You can’t tell from the man’s tweet.

It looks like a Freudian confession to me.

What do you think?


Our drone still doesn’t get it…

At least he has a sympathizer (who’s much more effective as a holiday actress than Twitter communicator)…

But what can you do when you’re totally lacking in self-awareness?

We’ll be sure and “quote” that combo for you, Michael!

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