heckuva job, Nappy...

In answer to those who diminish the prospect of firing Janet Napolitano as merely symbolic, may we perhaps remind everyone that there is no such thing as “merely” symbolic? Especially in politics, where symbolism is often all that counts?

Nappy is Obama’s Brownie. She’s doing a heckuva job, isn’t she?

Here’s a key difference between Brownie and Nappy: Brownie was incompetent and distracted while Nappy is focused on doing her boss’s will. The mistakes she’s making are completely congruent with the orders she’s been given. He should be made to fire her. There’ll be no escaping the blame, just as Bush was unable to escape the blame for Brownie’s failures.

Even though the Bush Katrina failures were exaggerated by an incompetent and partisan media, he was never able to shake the symbolism of Brownie.

I don’t think Obama’s gonna be able to escape the consequences of his multiple failures either.

Make him fire her.


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