Need Some Hope For America? This Baby Boomer’s Got You Covered

If you need some hope for this country, listen up—but not necessarily to me.

Among a pandemic, ever-enlarging Government, and riots in Washington D.C., it can sometimes be tough to feel anything but despair interspersed with quick jets of anger for our current state of affairs. That’s not how life was meant to be lived, though. 

Apollo 11: What We Saw is a podcast, and it will restore your faith in this country, if it’s been in jeopardy—seriously. I rarely make promises in my articles, so this one should mean something; and I’m okay with making it because I know you’ll be in good hands.

The series is written and presented by Bill Whittle, a 60-something Conservative commentator of whom you might’ve heard before. He went viral a while back for a speech he made on gun control (which is also worth a listen, by the way) and for a video series he did for Townhall Media. He’s a pilot, huge history buff, co-host of several podcasts, and host of a short YouTube show titled The Firewall. Bill grew up during the Cold War, but each side’s contest for bigger, stronger, faster nuclear weapons wasn’t the competition that captivated him—young Bill lived for the space race. 

Produced and released in 2019, the 50th anniversary of America’s historic moon landing, Apollo 11: What We Saw chronicles the multitude of short steps it took to make Neil Armstrong’s giant leap possible through historical documents, recordings, moving anecdotes, and Bill’s personal experiences. From President Kennedy’s 1961 promise of a moon landing, through the Mercury and Gemini space programs, finally to Apollo, five hours spaced-out over four episodes provide an incredibly interesting, deeply entertaining, hope-building experience. Apollo 11: What We Saw helped me regain my hope that this country is far too strong to be defeated by one man or women. After all, this nation had the grit and determination to actually achieve what half of the world thought to be impossible! Simply put, Bill Whittle will restore your hope in this country by helping you remember its awe-inspiring past. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the production value of Apollo 11: What We Saw is insane. The music, transitions, old recordings, and script—to say nothing about Bill’s smooth, radio-ready voice—is out-of-this-world (literally). The series isn’t just interesting to people who enjoy learning about history, either. Bill includes so many little-known facts, engaging stories, and funny anecdotes (along with the already entertaining historical content) that anyone listening will be unable to stop! I’m having trouble articulating how much I enjoy this podcast, so I’ll speak in the language of my generation: I mean, it’s, like, honestly, real cool. 

Okay, I figure if you’re still reading this, you probably want to listen to the podcast. Well, it’s no longer on YouTube or on Bill’s personal website, this is because he teamed up with the Daily Wire, which soon made the podcast only available to its supporters. Never fear, though! It’s still posted on Apple Podcasts, just under a different name. Search for “The Cold War: What We Saw,” and another of Bill’s extraordinary podcasts will pop up—this time chronicling how our country won the most deadly war that was never physically fought (I also highly recommend it, definitely give the podcast a listen). Click on “The Cold War: What We Saw,” and scroll all the way down. Listed under the Cold War: What We Saw, you’ll find Apollo 11: What We Saw. Tap on “Part One: We Choose to Go to the Moon,” and let Bill Whittle whisk you away to an older, simpler world of curiosity, space, and a country that had no limits. 

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