Don’t Believe The Summarized Mueller Report? Here’s Six More Reasons Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia

President Trump has been exonerated in the charge of Russian collusion. Attorney General, William Barr, summarized the Mueller Report in a letter released March 24th. However, that didn’t stop the left from claiming, asserting, and alleging that the superpower is still involved with President Trump. The Democratically-lead House of Representatives even grilled AG Barr at a hearing Tuesday. After all, top leftists have been claiming Russia cooperated with the Trump campaign and swung the 2016 national election since the third presidential debate. However, time spent holding a position doesn’t make that stance factual, so here are six additional reasons President Trump is innocent, and even tougher on Russia than Democrats. 

  1. Military Action:

President Trump has loosened rules and regulations on the military. This action arguably lead to U.S. troops killing over 200 Russian soldiers, and wounding many more in Syria. Bloomberg News reported on February 13, 2018, that the fight had been one of the bloodiest since the Cold War. Would President Trump have let battles develop if he were working and colluding with Russia? As common sense informs us, absolutely not.

  1. The Budget:

President Trump is adding an additional $1.7 billion dollars to the European Deterrence Initiative in Fiscal Year 2019, a fund and military endeavor specifically designed to deter Russia. This means the Russia-inhibiting program is now at $6.5 billion dollars. To put that large number into perspective, that’s far more than the comparatively meager $789 million Democrats allowed in 2016. Would President Trump really add huge amounts of funding to counter Russia if he were working with them? Again, logic provides a simple answer, no. 

  1. Hypocrisy. Democrats Were Far Worse:

President Trump not only didn’t collude with Russia, he has been much tougher on the superpower than the Democratic Party. It was then-President Obama, not Trump, who was caught on a hot mic during a 2012 summit in South Korea attempting to covertly communicate governmental matters with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev. Obama stated, “After my election I have more flexibility.” He went on to ask the Russian for “space,” and Medvedev replied “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” If that’s not Russian collusion, what is? 

  1. Supporting Enemies of Russia:

On President Trump’s orders, the U.S. sent a plethora of lethal weapons to an enemy of Russia: Ukraine. President Trump took this action particularly so Ukraine could take military action against, and fight, Russia. A huge sum of $47 million dollars worth of armaments were sold to the Ukraine military specifically for use against Russia in 2018. This was an action Democrats were unwilling to take against the superpower, and one President Trump did. Were President Trump truly in league with Russia, would he have supported an enemy of theirs? Obviously not. 

  1. Registration of Russian Propaganda Media Outlets:

The U.S. Government, lead by President Trump, put extremely heavy pressure on U.S.-based Russian propaganda media outlets to register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. This means the American people will be aware from where certain information is coming. Now, Russian news agencies will have an extremely difficult time persuading, misinforming, or trying to convince the public of a pro-Russian agenda. Is President Trump hurting or helping Russia with these restrictions? He’s clearly hurting the superpower, not assisting it. 

  1. Expulsion of Russian Political Power:

Following Russia’s alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy residing in the United Kingdom, President Trump took extreme action against the superpower. In Seattle, he ordered a forced termination of the Russian consulate, and all across the country, he expelled 60 Russian diplomats. Are these the actions of a President who is actively colluding with Russia? Absolutely not.

Individuals are, of course, free to hold whatever opinion they desire on the subject of totally unproven Russian collusion. However, it’s intellectually dishonest for proponents of the conspiracy theory to ignore what President Trump has done to combat the foreign superpower. Not only has President Trump been tougher on Russia than past Democrats, he was exonerated by the summarized Mueller Report, and it’s about time Democrats acknowledge this fact. President Trump is totally and completely innocent of Russian collusion.