How Hollywood Used To Be: Frank Sinatra’s “The House I Live In”

Anti-Americanism seems to abound in Hollywood films. For instance, the film First Man depicted NASA’s journey to the moon, without the most patriotic moment: the planting of the American Flag. Of course, that’s just the movies. For more examples, think of some actor political activism. Either way, Hollywood tends to promulgate either an anti-Trump or Anti-American message, however, it wasn’t always like this. 

Even though Frank Sinatra was a Hollywood Democrat, he worked hard to spread a pro-American message. Particularly through his short film and song, The House I live In. The motion picture shows a message of political toleration, religion, and patriotism. Just the values Conservatives have promulgated since our Nation’s founding, and the values that can bring us together again. Not as Republicans or Democrats, but Americans. 

Video Credit: YouTube, VideoFun.