The Truth About Obama

I have a unique perspective about this presidential campaign. I grew up in AZ attending high school not far from where Cindy McCain went. Later I lived near Chicago for fifteen years, and for five of them I worked in the area where Obama was a state senator. I also am fotunate to have relatives that live in Wasilla, Alaska and know Sara Palin.

While I don’t agree with everything John McCain has supported over the years, I do know his sincerity and character are solid and undeniable. The primary question is, Where will he take the country as President? and Where will Obama take the country? McCain believes in capitalism, free enterprise, basic human rights, and the traditional values that built the United States over the past two hundred plus years. Obama believes in true socialism, the United States as a “state” of the world without true sovergnty.

For five years in Chicago I lived with the Obama values that intimidated and “persuaded” the people to assist Acorn and his liberal agenda. I was the only person in my office of twenty people that was not robbed at gunpoint, in a liberal “gun free” zone. If there weren’t guns, there was black intimidation, what I call black racism. As a white person I experienced descrimination daily. After a few years I began to feel like a prisoner; having my freedoms taken by the black white liberal radicals, and wondering what happened to the consitution or bill of rights. I was quite happy to return to the relative freedom of Arizona after that.

This week I saw John McCain acting very presidential, I saw George Bush, who was presidential, and then I saw Barrack Obama, who reminded me of Daffy Duck!

If Obama is elected I believe the constitution will be attacked and destroyed on a national scale, and if there is a super majority in Congress, the United States as we have known it may cease to exist. And the Supreme Court could have at least two more of Ginsberg. We can’t let that happen!