Two CONTROLLABLE Ways the GOP can IMMEDIATELY move the ball forward against Obamacare

Let’s hope Boehner/Issa are smart enough to do so:

  1. Subpoena the private sector IT contractors responsible for implementing the system to testify in front of Congress.  Include both executives and senior project managers.  Do so EN MASSE.  And quickly.  Unlike Sebelius, private contracts won’t refuse to appear before Congress and answer questions regarding what’s happening.
  2. Reach out to the unions who HATE Obamacare, and start the conversation that on this issue it will benefit both sides to join forces.

Regarding the first suggestion, it’s obviously a matter of good governance and basic Congressional oversight to conduct an investigation here.  But there would also be the added benefit of making it harder for these companies to actually FIX these issues.  Anything that delays “a fix” only serves to increase the probability of a botched roll-out.

Regarding the second suggestion, the GOP should offer a 2-year delay of key provisions the Unions hate, and link it to a 2-year delay in the Individual Mandate.  I’d suggest the GOP most certainly NOT offer a permanent repeal of Obamacare provisions Unions hate, because part of our ongoing effort to repeal this monstrosity will most likely NEED (and certainly could benefit from) help from the Unions.

I’ll include a 3rd suggestion, which is more of a marketing message for how they should consider talking about Obamacare.  I’m thinking something along the lines of “The President and the Democrats in Congress pretend you don’t exist, the millions of Americans seeing their premiums go up or losing their jobs or losing hours at work because of Obamacare.  But just hear this: the Republican party knows you’re out there; unlike the President or the Democrats in Congress, we don’t pretend you don’t exist; that you’re not out there; and that you’re not suffering because of this legislation.  And the Republican party isn’t going to stop fighting for you.”