Leveraging Sen. McConnell's Unique Predicament

It appears that conservatives have not yet found a solid primary opponent for Mitch McConnell. Perhaps one will never surface…tough to tell.

I do have an idea, however, that allows us to leverage the Senator’s unique vulnerability at this time while also maximizing liberty. To actually pull it off we’d probably need Rush, Sean, or The Great One to run with it. Though some buzz on Redstate could help it gain some traction.

The idea is this: we conservatives guarantee that we won’t back anyone against him in a primary, not even a real conservative in the mold of a Lee/Cruz/Rubio/Paul, if he can successfully stop Obama’s agenda from getting through the Senate.

  • No “immigration reform”.
  • No gun control.
  • No judges.

Etc, etc, etc.

Just stop Obama’s forward agenda cold so we can run-out the clock on his second term without inflicting additional damage on either the country or our liberties.

And in return for this conservative victory we will let you, Senator McConnell, focus your time and resources solely on winning the General Election.  Which of course will prove much easier than taking on both a Primary opponent and a Democrat.

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