Questions that Can Sink Obama in 2012

It’s disheartening to all of us when we watch interviews of Obama where the questioner either doesn’t confront him on his prior misleading statements, nor challenge him on his many straw-man arguments.

So instead of just griping about (obvious) liberal-bias in the media, I propose we here at redstate start a project: let’s compile a list of questions for reporters (national and local) who have the opportunity to sit-down with Obama that challenge him on those misleading statements.

Let me start the ball rolling with what I consider to be the highest-impact question that has yet to be put to this President.  As many of you know, President Obama told George Stephanopolous in a September 2009 interview that he does not believe the penalty Americans would be forced to pay under the Individual Mandate is a tax.  However, his very own DOJ is currently arguing that the primary justification for the Individual Mandate under the Constitution is, in fact, Congress’ ability to tax. 

My proposal for the number one question that can sink Obama in 2012:

“Mr. President, during the debate on healthcare you told George Stephanopolous, this was in September of 2009, that you did not consider the penalty levied on Americans as a result of the Individual Mandate to be a tax.  Do you still believe that?”

Either the President would publically undercut the argument his very own DOJ is currently making to defend Obamacare (thus undercutting them).  Or, Obama would be forced to publically admit that he has violated his “no new taxes” pledge to those Americans making less than $250K.

And one note to our friends at the RNC who may be reading this: given the White House’s strategy of only giving interviews to local reporters in swing states, perhaps they can be a bit proactive: look at where the President is travelling to, contact the local reporters Obama will be sitting down with, and walk them through some suggested questions.  This is a low-cost, high-impact strategy that will help our eventual nominee in 2012.