The GOP's response tomorrow should consistently highlight....

….the one salient fact it is absolutely critical to hammer home between now and election day:

President Obama has misled, and continues to mislead, the country about Obamacare.

You see, it has to get worked into every single response to most every single policy for that fundamental truth to resonate with Americans.  Just like “flip flop” and John Kerry became synonymous, so must “Obama”, “misled”, and “Obamacare” become synoymous with one another.  People should just be saying it all the time: “Obama misled the country on Obamacare”….”Obama misled the country on Obamacare.”

As for tomorrow: we can all see that the budget Obama’s going to release is a pure piece of political theatre, just as his first budget was.  No one can accuse him any longer of ignoring the debt, because he will now just be able to respond that “I’m not ignoring our debt….I just don’t think it’s fair to ask seniors and the middle class to shoulder all of the burden without asking the wealthiest…” blah blah blah.

The GOP’s response should, realy must, tie it back to a bigger narrative here: that Obama is misleading the public about the long-term consequences (intended and unintended) of his policies. 

My suggestion for tomorrow’s official GOP response to Obama’s proposal:

“The President today has misled the country. Let us repeat: just as he continues to mislead the country on the true costs and tradeoffs involved with Obamacare, the President misled the country when he announced his new budget today.  Viewed within the context of our past debt, current deficits, and massive unfunded commitments to seniors and veterans, the far bigger welfare state and federal beauracracy President Obama wants cannot possibly be paid for by 2% of American taxpayers.  If the President wants a bigger welfare state and federal beaucracy, than by God let him level with the American people about how much in new, additional taxes it will mean for middle-class Americans.”

And another thing (to quote The Great One, Mark Levin): my advice is that for one day, and one day only, the orders go out from Boehner and McConnel’s office: no one from the GOP feeds a single quote to a single reporter.  All members should just refer back to the party’s official comment, which each member stands behind.  Let’s not allow the MSM to stuff the article with quotes from the few Republicans who are off the reservation on this one.  Instead, let’s force every article that lays out our response to have the same exact theme: the President is misleading the country about the actual costs and tradeoffs involved in his policies….just as he did (and continues to do) with Obamacare.

Hey, GOP leadership: your enemy is thinking strategically…time to do the same my friends.  Obama’s got the bully pulpit, and the MSM adores him.  The only power you have to fight back is to communicate to the country a unified, consistent message. It will help you get the best possible deal at the end of the day, it will get the focus OFF of Obama’s preferred topic (that the GOP is fighting for the rich), and if successful it will pay BIG dividends for our eventual nominee (by softening up Obama’s numbers on candor).

And finally, of course, it also has the added benefit of being true.