What happened to the NH GOP Chair

Now America has learned that the NH GOP Chair Jack Kimball resigned before he had to face removal from the NH GOP Executive Committee. This is kind of sad for me personally because Jack Kimball was the first State GOP Chair I got to vote for since answering the call from Coldwarrior to be voting member of the party.

Let me tell you about the Job as NH GOP Chair. First the State party and the Chair have to demonstrate neutrality in all primary races. No incumbent picks, no money for incumbents, no Presidential Primary picks zero ,zip, nada. It is a full time volunteer position which requires the individual to pay out of pocket for expenses related to the job. Unfortunately this shrinks the applicant pool and often we end up with people often not suited for the position. The NH GOP has had 7 Chairmen in the last eleven years.

I voted for Jack Kimball for the reason I thought he was going to be a good spokesman for the NH GOP and rhetorically  “take it ” to Democrats. I really thought by him being State Party Chair he was going to be the guy who was going to bring back those conservatives who bolted the party back in the Bush days. Unfortunately the latest party registration numbers released by the Secretary of State this year show virtually no change in Republican Registration in NH. On top of that Jack Kimball’s push back against the Democrats through press releases has been ineffective at least some would say non existent.

The beginning of the end for Jack Kimball came when he was photographed signing a petition from the Libertarian party for full ballot access for their candidates. If “Joe voter” signs a petition like this fine, but a Republican State Party Chairman should not be doing this. All this while tid bits of the Parties finances were hitting all the local leak sheets. When you are the Chair , the organization comes first.

The media wants everybody to believe this is battle of Tea Party vs Establishment because Jack Kimball came from a Tea Party organization. The Party neutrality rules don’t give “the establishment” any more of an advantage than any new members of the party. This shows the media will do everything possible to divide the GOP ahead of the 2012 elections.

This is not the time for conservatives to bail on the party because a Tea Party backed Chair was forced to resign. If anything this is a time to join it. There is plenty of room in local Republican organizations all around the country. I will say to anybody, join your local Republican Party. Familiarize yourself with the local bylaws and get to know those who are the most influential members. It is here where you learn the ins and outs of GOTV in your community. It is here where you can make the most difference in getting Conservatives elected.