Michael Merlina Mitt Romney's Joe The Plumber

I was driving home from my job in MA stuck in traffic because of a car accident when I tuned in to the Howie Carr radio show. Howie had on a special guest, Michael Merlina a Massachusetts small business owner who’s wife had lost her job and their families’ health insurance over a year ago. Now uninsured Mr Merlina and his wife were forced by law in Massachusetts to buy their insurance through the MA Health Connector. The quote he got from them was $800.00 per month for a MA Health Connector approved health care plan. This was more than he could afford, so he opted to go with out insurance and last year was forced to pay a $400.00 fine. Now this year The People’s Commonwealth is hitting him with a $2000.00 fine for not having heath insurance. This is when Michael had had enough and in August filed a lawsuit against the Massachusetts Heath Connector Authority in State Court. Tomorrow is his day in court. Best of luck to him. Check out his website.


What I found more interesting here was many of Howie’s callers who were once Romney supporters and who once supported Romney for Governor are now souring on him big time. This story isn’t some debate over policy or some comparison between Romneycare and Obamacare. This is a story of personal suffering of a self employed businessman who is trying to make an honest living. Obamacare didn’t do this, Romneycare did. So when this case moves through the courts and gets picked up by various media outlets, Mitt Romney will find out that there is no where to run and no where to hide. For Mitt Romney’s opponents Romneycare will be the gift that keeps on giving.