John Stephen Rising

The NH Governor’s race has been getting a lot less ink than the hotly tested NH GOP Senate Primary. That is unfortunate because the Governor of a state has more of an impact on ones life than a US Senator.

This may be the end of the of the so called “unbeatable” Governor John Lynch. The Governor Lynch who ran in 2004 on the theme of caring about people. The Governor Lynch who ran as a fiscal conservative who opposed an income tax and a sales tax. The Governor Lynch who said that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Governor Lynch who got 70% or more of the vote share in the last two elections. The Governor Lynch who got a large number of Registered Republicans to vote for him. Including a friend of mine who was a ward chair for the Manchester Republican City Committee.

Today a Rasmussen poll was released showing John Steven with in the margin of error of John Lynch.


It is encouraging to see many Republicans rallying around John Stephen. There is a long desire for change in the NH Governors office. The Democrats have controlled the Governors office for 12 out of the last fourteen years.

I talked to John Stephen last month after he got more votes than any other candidate at the Manchester Straw poll. We talked about him closing the gap with John Lynch. He told me after the primary he will close the gap with Lynch. Here we are today and he has done just that. Check out his website.


It has been six years since John Lynch has had a real race. In the last two races he went up against “cannon fodder” candidates and won easily. During his tenure Lynch has raised Highway tolls multiple times, doubled car registration fees, raised tobacco taxes multiple times, worked to implement an LLC tax, a camping tax and tried to raid a doctors medical malpractice fund. He signed a gay marriage law despite promises not to do so. He entered NH into the Northeast Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI) a.k.a “Cap and Trade”. Oh did I mention the state was hundred of millions of dollars in debt. Now John Lynch wants an unprecedented fourth term as Governor. The Political experts and pundits think he will get it, but many voters don’t think he deserves it.