Thoughts on an Ovide Victory

My issue with Ovide Lamontagne has never been his conservative principals, but his electability. I am reading a lot of comments on the blogs from Ovide supporters who say that voting for kelly Ayotte would be worse than voting for Hodes. If you beleive that, look your self in the mirror on election day in November and say to yourself ” I am going to vote for Paul Hodes today so he can be my senator for the next 6 years.”

All that aside I have been thinking about what an Ovide victory would look like on September 15th. First of all this Senate seat goes from being a GOP hold to a toss up. Second Ovide is broke. I was told by a political guy in Manchester that Ovide can’t even buy any more signs. Third he has little name recognition . Despite being the GOP nominee for Governor in 1996, Ovide has done little to keep his name in the public eye for the last fourteen years. The latest polls show him to be largely unknown outside the GOP faithful.

So in Ovide we have a broke candidate, who is largely unknown and will be easily defined by the Democrats long before he can raise enough money to fight back. I just hope all you Ovide supporters can put your money where your mouth is and help Ovide raise the 10 to 15 million he needs to get over the finish line in November should he win on Tuesday.

As for me I am still undecided on this race. I want to support a conservative for Senate, I just wish it wasn’t Ovide.