Shea Porter ahead in NH-01

If anybody thought that this race was an easy pick up or in the “bag” well guess again. According to the July 28 WMUR UNH poll. Shea Porter leads Guinta 44 to 39 %, Mahoney 45 to 36% , Ashooh 43-35%, and Bestani 44 to 33%.



Based on the data from these polls in comparison to the spring poll, was that in the spring poll health-care was still dominant in the news. Second more women are starting to pay attention to this race at a time when the news is covering the Republican primary and the hit pieces on Guinta, Mahoney and Ashooh. The numbers on men have not changed since spring. Third voters who make more than 100K have left Shea Porter and are moving to the GOP. There is no doubt they have made the connection between the Democrat Congress, Shea Porter and our bad economy.

Right now this race is looking to be one of personalities and that’s not good for the GOP. In the last two races Carol Shea Porter has come from behind in the polls by appealing to “soft voters” with her personality based ads. In the last two races she has dragged out her elderly “Republican” mother and taken to the air waves. In other ads she has compared her opponents to Bush.

If you are reading this and live in NH-01 you need to get involved with a local party or a campaign. Give what ever you can in time or money or what ever to defeating Carol Shea Porter, John Lynch, Paul Hodes and the Democrats at the NH State House.

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