Sean Mahoney supports open borders

According to an article in the Manchester Union Leader Sean Mahoney is an open borders guy. That’s right illegals should stay here if they register and pay a tax. Forget about getting in the back of the line with everybody else coming to America. This is further to the left of Mitt Romney. Mahoney claims it would cost too much to ship all the illegal aliens back to where they came from. He says he would deny benefits to illegal aliens. That’s great Sean, so you would over rule all the Federal judges that gave them benefits in the first place. Now if you as a member of Congress want to vote for the impeachment of these judges that would be great. But I think that statement is playing on peoples wishful thinking. The only real solution here is to discourage illegals from coming here in the first place by forcing businesses to use the E verify system and to comply with our immigration laws.  Sean Mahoney why don’t you get with the program and support the hiring of Americans to work in America instead of leaving the door open for cheap illegal labor.

The last thing we need in NH-01 is a Republican congressman who throws Americans under the bus.