Nurse Pelosi says Turn Your Head and Cough

Many good Americans, though less by the day it seems, ask “What’s wrong with passing this health care reform? Especially if it will lower costs and give coverage to those without it.”

But many more people have realized however that this “reform” is not about either cost nor coverage. For those that are pushing it, this is not about health care, but rather about “health control“.

While the Democrats may spout their assigned talking points about how Obamacare will bring gumdrops and candy canes, they will rarely admit their real motivation despite the fact that everyone knows what it is. That admission would not help them sell this lemon of a used car.

Apparently someone forgot to tell this to one of Nancy Pelosi’s staffers. The one in charge of her website’s “Mythbuster” feature.

In response to the ‘myth’ that “Health insurance reform could be unconstitutional…or violate the 10th amendment“, Pelosi’s website (is that like saying Obama’s teleprompter?) says:

“Since virtually every aspect of the heath care system has an effect on interstate commerce, the power of Congress to regulate health care is essentially unlimited.”

That’s right…one of the leaders of the Congress is happy to let you know that she has your health care by the ****s. Now turn your head and cough!

So the next time some nice lefty tells you it is all about high costs and the uninsured, and that the government would never ration your health care, just remember that Nurse Ratched Nancy Pelosi wants you to know her power is unlimited when it comes that health care, and then remember this, this, and this.

Like I said…it isn’t about health care, it is about health control….

[Hat Tip: Jonah Goldberg]

Originally posted at http://charliefoxtrotblog.blogspot.com/

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