Obama Wins the "Blame" Game

Today, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that if you search Google for “Obama Blames” you’ll find MANY search results. As I write this, for example, Google returns 453,000 results for the quoted search term.

But then I wondered…How does this result compare to that of his predecessors? Are Obama’s search results significantly greater than that of previous presidents — as Rush implied — or somewhat comparable?

So I found the “blames” search results for Bush and Clinton. (I reduced the “Clinton” results by the “Hillary Clinton Blames” results.) I took the total number of years that each was a president or vice president and added one year for the initial campaign. Then I divided the first number by the second to find the approximate number of “blames” per year for each of the three names.

As the chart shows, we’ve finally found something at which President Obama excels.

Obama Wins the