RINO Republicans. A New Definition.

RINO = Republican In Name Only.

RINO used to be a term applied to a member of the “conservative” Republican Party who often sided with the big government loving Democrats. But the past several years the Republicans have demonstrated time after time that they are also loyal fans of ever bigger government.

The 12 Bush years saw unprecedented expansions in all areas of government. While Clinton was in office, the Republican controlled legislature passed bill after bill, law after law, regulation after regulation, tax after tax. Even under the halcyon Reagan administration, the government grew, regulations were written, spending went up, and laws were passed by the book-full. Little if anything was ever repealed.

I suggest the meaning of RINO should be changed. Since the Republican Party seems to generally favor ever larger and more intrusive government, the Republicans who vote against government expansion, intrusion, taxation, and growing statistism are the true RINOs.