Winning Political Issues that Cost Little and Require Little Legislation.

2010 is another election year. Both parties are fishing around for issues. Here are a few things I’d like to see addressed. I choose these things because they cost little or nothing and require little if any new legislation.

1. Nothing is too big to fail. The next time a big company/bank/mortgage or insurance company goes bankrupt, pledge to let it do so. Bankruptcy does not mean it will disappear and all its employees will loose their jobs. Be prepared with a simple, easily understandable explanation of how a bankruptcy really works to refrute the media’s inevitable sob story presentations.

2. Seal our borders. This doesn’t require new laws, only enforcing laws already on the books. The furor over Bush 43’s attempt to legalize the illegals without sealing the borders first should have made this issue a no brainer. Why it wasn’t speaks volumes about what’s really going on the Washington.

3. School choice. If a school district spends $10,000. per year on a child, that child’s parents should be issued a $10,000. voucher if they choose to put the kid in a private school. These vouchers should have no strings attached and there should be no laws regulating the schools that accept them.

4. Pledge to new global warming legislation until the science is truly proved. Put Al Gore’s movie on a terrorism watch list.

5. Freeze government employee salaries until they are equal to those in the private sector. Remove rules and regulations that make firing incompetents all but impossible.

6. Pledge the overall number of government employees will not increase over the next (two) four years.

7. Require all new legislation have a sunset provision. This especially applies to new government programs.

8. Ban unionization in government agencies. There is no reason a union is necessary, other than for corrupt political purposes.

9. Put the Post Office, Amtrak, GM, Fannie, Freddie and all other government/private “businesses” up for sale. They could be sold by selling stock in them on the open market. Then let them sink or swim on their own merits.

10. Be honest and admit the government has huge unfunded future obligations. Pledge to eliminate COLAs and other increases until the obligations are affordable without tax increases.

11. Pledge that no new pages will be added to the Federal registers of laws, rules, and regulations.

12. Remove all restrictions on the military in Afghanistan. There is no reason Bin Laden is still alive other than Washington politics and political correctness.

13. All government budget increases should be limited to 1/2 the rate of inflation. If there is deflation, budgets should be cut the same amount as the deflation. This should be enforced until the budget is in balance

14. Require all government officials to fly commercial only. This especially applies to Homeland Security and TSA officials