Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: Such a Nice Young Man

Whenever someone commits a horrible crime it is inevitable that the relic media will go out and find all sorts of friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, and co-workers who will attest to his good character. That has already started with the failed terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The AP was first with this headline on December 27: Bomb suspect’s teacher describes exemplary pupil.

From ABC New we learned that Abdulmutallab led a life of privilege as the son of a prominent Nigerian banker. He lived in an upscale neighborhood in London, attended top boarding schools and a London college.

“He was a very nice, friendly person,” said Efemena Mokedi, a former classmate. “He was a person who did a lot of good things.”

In e-mails sent over the last six years, and obtained by ABC News, Abdulmutallab worried whether his religion would allow him to attend a high school prom, worried about low college SAT test scores.

Newsweek tells us that “because (Umar’s) father called attention to his son’s possible involvement in Yemen, one or more U.S. intelligence agencies did begin some kind of effort to further investigate the son’s Yemeni connections.” But they were unable find anything alarming about the lad.

Michael Rimmer, one of Umar’s British teachers, characterizes Abdulmutallab as a “dream” student: “Very keen, enthusiastic, very bright, very polite.”

Michael Rimmer, again, called him “a model student, very keen, very enthusiastic.”

The US Embassy in London issued a two-year multiple-entry visa to him on June 16, 2008.  “At the time that his visa was issued, there was nothing in his application nor in any database that would indicate that he should not receive a visa. He was a student at a very reputable school. He had plenty of financial resources, so he was not an intending immigrant.

There was no derogatory information about him last June “that would indicate that he shouldn’t get a visa, so we issued the visa,” Kelly said.

And so it goes…

Today it has  been reported that Abdulmutallab bragged that there are many more exactly like him in Yemen and they are waiting to attack us. My fervent hope is that his exploding underwear has taken him out of the human gene pool, so there won’t be any more nice young men exactly like him.