The ACLU Is Responsible for the Christmas Day Terrorist Attack

In today’s news it was reported that two of the master minds behind the failed Christmas terrorist attack had been released from Gitmo. The terrorists were released to our good friends the Saudis, where they were set free.

Somehow they made their way to Yemen and set up shop. They trained Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the failed plane bomber.

The ACLU, CAIR, the SCOTUS, the International Red Cross, the relic media, and their ilk are responsible for the Gitmo terrorists being turned over to Saudi Arabia, and therefore are responsible that they are free today.

Had it not been for the constant harassment of the US government by these organizations, the terrorists would not have been released. Pandering for votes, Obama joined in the close Gitmo amen corner.

Without this unholy alliance, the terrorists would still be safely tucked away in Cuba, enjoying the good life on a tropical island. Their every need would be met, except the need to kill innocent people. They would have enjoyed a lifetime taxpayer paid tropical vacation.

If Flight 253 had been brought down, the blood of 300 people would be on the hands of the ACLU and their friends.