Self-Destructive Behavior

In the U.K. Sun today was a story about 25 British born Muslims who have been in jihad training camps in Yemen. Apparently they were radicalized in mosques in Britain. Then they went for terrorist training in Yemen and are due to return to Britain in 2010.


Apparently the authorities are completely aware what these guys are up to. Is sedition not a crime in Britain? Why is nothing done?

Why would Britain allow them back into the country? And why would Britain allow the mosques that preach jihad to operate within its borders? Is this utter stupidity? Political correctness gone amuck? Self-destructive behavior? Has someone been paid off?

It makes me think the British will get what they deserve, although the decision makers will not be the ones who suffer. It will be innocent British subway riders or vacationers on planes. Why is there no outrage about this?

An even more important question is are we headed down the same path as Britain?