Max Baucus, Filling the Big Shoes Ted Kennedy Left Behind.

Ted Kennedy left behind some rather large shoes. At first it appeared no Senator would be able to fill them. It seemed The Lion of the Seante cound not be replaced. Then Max Baucus stepped up to the plate.

His drunken, slurred speech on the Senate floor is all over the web now.  This show came on the heels of scandals about him recommending his girlfriend for a judgeship, an adulterous affair with her, giving her an undeserved raise, and other scumbag behavior. Ted Kennedy would be proud.

I wonder if Baucus was drunk when he voted on the health care bill? How about when he read it, as if there was a chance in hell he actually read it. How often has he been drunk, but didn’t speak?

I suspect his fellow senators will find nothing wrong with his behavior. In fact, most probably wished they could have had a few with him. Maybe they can open a Senate bar and name it for him. It would be stocked with expensive liquor paid for by the taxpayers.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that both Baucus and Kennedy are Democrats.

I hope the people of Montana who elected him are proud. I know the ghost of Ted Kennedy is smiling.