Why Do Democrat Presidents Come from Dysfunctional Families?

It seems that our recent Democrat presidents come from dysfunctional families. I can’t help but wonder why. Did the fact that they came from messed up homes influence them to become Democrats? To become presidents?

Obama had a philandering, often married father.  He wasn’t raised by his parents, and has unknown half brothers and recently discovered relatives scattered around the world.

Bill Clinton was raised by a an alcoholic, abusive, step father and a mother who spent her quality time at the race track. Roger Clinton did prison time and was generally a mess. Bill had other unknown relatives who unexpectdly popped up from time to time.

Jimmy Carter was the most normal. His mother said she wished she had stayed a virgin. His brother Billy went around the world drinking beer, making stupid statements, urinating in public, and brokering bad business deals with America’s enemies.

John Kennedy’s father brought his mistress into the family home. John’s womanizing has become legend.

The Bushes had a few skeletons, but no unknown half-brothers were discovered by the media.

Reagan and Mrs. Ford were divorced, but I don’t remember anything else about them. Nixon was a tight-ass. Eisenhower supposedly had a mistress, but when looking at Mamie, who could blame him?