Too Many Laws Make Criminals of Everyone

A few days ago I had a conversation with a Highway Patrolman. I asked him what he does when he suspects someone of doing something illegal, but the guy’s driving is OK and there is no reason to pull him over. He smiled and told me there are enough driving rules so he can find a reason to pull anyone at any time. 

Every day at every level of government laws are passed at the city, county, state, and national legislatures. In addition to these laws bureaucrats write rules and regulations defining and enforcing the laws. And the nation’s many courts pass rulings that define how we should behave and every other aspect of human interaction.

Every feature of everyone’s life is governed by these laws, rulings, and regulations. And they keep coming at an increasing volume. Like the good driver mentioned above, we are at the point where there are so many laws that the most honest and well-meaning citizen can not help but break some of them. In other words we have become a nation of criminals.

When everyone is a criminal, overall respect for the law declines.  We need to sunset laws made at every level of government.