It's Time To Do Away With the Post Office

I see in the news that the USPS has run up another multi-billion dollar deficit.  Maybe it is time to re-think the necessity of this monstrosity.

I have lived in Shenzhen, China for more than a year. There is no mail service here like there is in the U.S. China Post consists of a handful of  scattered offices and a few couriers on bicycles. There is no regular scheduled daily mail delivery.

In the year+ I have been here I have had two packages delivered to me, both by private carriers. I have never used China Post.

How do I live without a Post Office? It is simple. No one writes letters any more. Everyone uses email, cell phones, or instant messaging.

China’s is a cash economy. Bills and monthly statements are not needed. You pay as you go. Want to check your bank balance or brokerage account? Use the computer. Make a purchase online or from a catalog? A private carrier will deliver it. Pay your credit card bill? Do it online.

There is no junk mail here. Magazines are purchased at newsstands that are on every block. Newspapers are available online.

In most cases the Chinese way of life is inferior to that in the west. But they are far ahead of the west by not providing expensive, useless, government-funded services like the USPS.

The Post Office was founded in the 1700s. It might have been a good idea then, but its time has come and gone. It is time to kill this money wasting, useless, monstrosity.

I know it will never happen.