We Need More Congressmen Like Joe Barton

Congressman Barton, from Texas, has sponsored a bill for regulating college football bowl games. Some say it would destroy the idea of a national champion in college football unless some sort of play-off series is initiated.

Here is a link to the story.


The great thing about Barton’s interest in college football is that he is not spending his time spending my tax money.

Sure, regulating college football is not a legitimate concern of congress, but in politics it often becomes to the lesser of two evils. Regulating college football is definitely the lesser the evil than spending my money to buy votes. And it is much preferable to Barton spending his time and energy writing freedom restricting, or anti business regulations and laws. And it is far away better than thinking about new fees, fines, and taxes to impose on the country.

So I say, “Go Joe!” Maybe you can look at regulating women’s field hockey next.