Top 10 Scandals of 2009

Today Time Magazine published their list of the top 10 scandals of 2009. Here is a link to the story.


Here is my list of top 10 ten scandals which are not on the Time list. 

1. Climate research fraud. This is still unfolding. It may appear on the lists next year too.

2.Obama fills his administration with lobbyists, insiders, scofflaws, and professional politicians after promising to do the opposite.

3. Failure of the $787 billion stimulus. What has it accomplished?

4. Decline of the dollar. The shameful result of reckless spending by Washington.

5. Prosecution of the Navy SEALs for giving a most-wanted terrorist a bloody lip.

6. Conferring US constitutional rights to terrorists held at Gitmo. I am sure the terrorists wet their pants laughing about this.

7. The Nobel Peace Prize makes itself a laughing stock. Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize. The vote to award it was taken 11 days after he was in office.

8. Government take over of the auto industry. Like the Post Office, GM and Chrysler can count on subsidies forever.

9. Bogus flue scare. Seems to be an annual occurrance lately.

10. Obama’s dithering almost a year on Afghanistan after campaigning that is was the “right war.”