Let's Get Real

I have noticed many blogs, comments and other posts are really pointless, in my opinion. Here are a few subjects that, IMHO, are stupid to write about.

1. If you write about some law or institution being unconstitutional, you are wasting electrons.

2. If you write a highly detailed analysis of a law, a bill, a regulation, a position, you are just putting people to sleep. KISS.

3. Abortion will always be with us and it doesn’t matter where Obama was born. Deal with it.

4. Don’t bother to propose massive changes in the system as a way to solve problems. They will never happen.

5. Praying in schools and other public places will change nothing.

6. Don’t bother to offer advice to politicians. They will never take it.

7. The world is getting smaller and more interdependent. The “good ole days” when the USA could stand alone are gone forever.