Benghazi Does Make a Difference, Hillary

During Hillary Clinton’s much delayed appearance before a Congressional committee to answer questions about the jihadist attacks on the eleventh of September last year, she snapped, “Four Americans are dead. What difference does it make?”

Such a callous disregard for the search for the truth reveals Hillary Clinton’s desire to hide any incriminating evidence, which might sink her presidential aspirations in the coming years. Despite the fact that a suspect had no role in killing anyone, it is still a crime for him/her to hide evidence or otherwise obstruct the pursuit of justice. People involved with covering up homicides can and should face punishment for their complicity in concealing those crimes. Did Hillary Clinton not learn this at Yale Law School? Perhaps she believes that she holds an exception to laws concerning obstruction of justice just as her husband claimed the privilege to commit perjury.

Hillary, how about the need to root out nincompoops in the Department of State who deny the Islamic basis for terrorist attacks Americans? The appointment of a “Special Representative to Muslim Communities” indicates the pre-occupation with “outreach” to those who loathe American freedoms. The coddling of Mohamadans with the “2012 hours Against Hate” campaign blinds them to the blatantly hateful and violent basis of Islam. Evidently, they cannot bother to read or listen to the invective, all of which is rooted in the Koran and other Islamic scriptures, spewed by Islamists at American society. Slavish adherence to multiculturalism will never overcome the reality of Islamic malignancy.

When the usefully idiotic bureaucrats rarely do acknowledge any connection between violence by Mohamadans committed against Americans, the blame falls on the Americans. An example of this “blame the victim” mentality occurred when the Egyptian-born Christian man who created a video critical of Mohamad, the inventor of Islam, faced condemnation for the coordinated assaults on American diplomatic personnel and installations on the anniversary of the jihadist attacks of the eleventh of September. After those acts of jihad, the dhimmis in the State Department spent 70,000 dollars on television commercials apologizing to Mohamadans whose turbans or burkas were in a bunch over someone criticizing the criminal who fabricated their totalitarian ideology. The State Department did disavow such linkage a month later yet the slander had already smeared this man for simply expressing his opinions. The incident also painted Americans as sniveling cowards who kowtow to savages’ demands to never have their beliefs questioned.

For Hillary to question the need for an inquiry demonstrates her incompetency. The impotent response to the attacks on an American consulate and an American embassy serves as glaring examples of Obama’s administration. Those murders of an ambassador and three others in the consulate and ransacking of diplomatic facilities qualify as acts of war by jihadis, both under international law and in common sense. In response, not one of those jihadis has been killed or captured by American forces. No one should expect anything else from members of an administration spouting Orwellian euphemisms such as “man-made disasters” instead of calling acts of jihad what they are: terrorism.

Underscoring the appalling ineptitude is the sale of F-16s to a regime run by Islamists. The Mooslum Brotherhood seized power in Egypt last year. Its members have dedicated their lives to imposing their totalitarian ideology on the entire world. Their leader, Mohamad Morsi, has already issued emergency decrees, which have granted him extraordinary levels of control, a favorite tactic of dictators in the past and in the present. Supplying those barbarians with such weaponry reeks of foolishness on par with the owner of a firearms store handing a loaded high-powered rifle to a known criminal with a long history of armed robberies.

Fortunately for American interests, Hillary Clinton will resign from her post this week. Sadly for cause of justice, she will not face any punishment for her negligence. That duty will fall to the voters in the United States should she dare to seek the presidency again. She clearly lacks the competence and courage for that solemn responsibility.