You know currency is devalued when...

…authorities feel the need to create and post a sign like this:

Such is the lost luster of the Zimbabwean dollar, which is experiencing insane inflation. To put it into perspective, if Bill Gates were to convert his entire net worth of $40 billion into Zimbabwean dollars today, his portfolio would be worth $173 in twelve short months. President Mugabe has driven the Zimbabwean economy into the toilet, but don’t use their bank notes to wipe, even though such an act actually makes financial sense.

A roll of toilet paper costs about $1.50 U.S. dollars and has about 352 sheets per roll. That means each sheet is worth about US $.004, or 3,600 Zimbabwe dollars, according to OANDA.com.

So according to these calculations, using a ZWD 1,000 note in place of a piece of toilet paper is a wise financial decision.

If you get enough famine, disease will surely follow, and there currently is a cholera outbreak that has killed 1,000. Zimbabwe is “not free” in terms of civil rights and political liberties, according to Freedom House. The country has the 151st freest press and falling, and it has the 155th freest economy. Mugabe needed to leave office two decades ago, but there he is, still ruining a once prosperous society.