If Palin does passably well at the debate...

I saw the latest interview between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric, and she did much better. Here it is.

It looks like she’s getting the hang of dealing with national media, and she’s looking more comfortable on television. Even on Hannity’s home turf a couple of weeks ago, she looked a little shaky, but she did OK on Hugh Hewitt today. It was a rough start back then, but she’s improving at answering the myriad questions. So if she does passably well in the debate with Joe Biden, Governor Palin should ask for a couple of gack exemptions. What do I mean by this? Let me try to explain how she could respond:

You know, Katie, unlike Joe Biden, I haven’t been running for president since the 1980s. While he was on his long run for the highest office, I was raising a family and serving the City of Wasilla and the State of Alaska. I was too busy to contemplate higher ambitions like the Senator from Delaware. So when John McCain picked me for vice president, I knew I could perform the job because of my executive experience and my record of reform. But quite frankly, when he picked me, I didn’t know all the details of John McCain’s foreign policy positions and I didn’t know all the details of his biography. Who would? So when I sat with Charlie Gibson and you, I gacked. Anyone else in my position would.

But I’ll tell you this: I’ll know all those details by January 20th, 2009, and I’ll be ready for the job on Day One.

And here’s what I knew from the very beginning of this journey: I know intrinsically and instinctively the principles that John McCain stands for, and I know the principles that Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln stood for. So if you’re going to forgive Joe Biden for his daily or twice-daily gaffes, I think I should be forgiven a couple of gacks in these early stages. The important thing you should know is that if a President McCain is incapacitated in one form or another (God forbid), I’ll be ready to carry forward his conservative principles, his issues, his sense of honor, his desire for reform, and his reputation as a maverick.

Or something like that. Of course, if she tanks in the upcoming debate, get ready to whistle Hail to the Chief for Barack Obama. Why do I think she should take this tack? Because if she does decent enough from here on out, she deserves a do-over or two. I can’t remember a more intense personal and political destruction campaign than I’ve seen perpetrated against Palin. She deserves just that much slack.