More dishonest hackery from Excitable Andy

In this episode, Andrew Sullivan is alluding some sort of equivalence between Jeremiah Wright, the bona fide left-wing political extremist who was Barack Obama’s paster for twenty-plus years, and Larry Kroon, who is pastor of Wasilla Bible Church, where Sarah Palin currently attends.

I read the transcript of the sermon that bent Sullivan so out of shape, and it’s your typical Sunday morning message. The preacher was talking about the book of Zephanaiah, which discusses the end times for all the earth. Since Wasilla is on earth, it is not excluded. The whole point of the sermon boils down to the final two paragraphs.

Yes. There’s anger with God. He takes sin personal. But there is something that answers to that anger, and that’s His love. And it’s a love that, we’re told, not only does He love the world–“He loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son.”, He put His Son there and said, ‘You take the anger for them.’ And with that promise is “Whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” No ‘perhaps’ there. It’s simply sayin’ “I’m gonna seek the Lord, starting with Jesus, responding with faith.” That’s what you do, given the reality of the day of the Lord.What’s your next steps? What we’ve talked about today…what we’ve talked about today is one of the most defining things in the Christian worldview. It’s at this one point of teaching that you’ll probably decide whether you’ll accept Christianity or reject it, whether you’ll take it seriously or not. If there is no great final day of the Lord there’s really no reason to take Jesus seriously. If there is such a day and God has taken your sin very personally, then it’s absolutely essential that you take Jesus seriously. This is the issue you gotta respond to. If you choose to respond you make it personal. You call out to Jesus and you simply say, “Save me. Save me.”

Wow. Pretty extreme stuff, right? Wrong. This isn’t even close to Reverend Wright’s many anti-American statements and paranoid falsehoods and factually challenged rhetoric. Way to go Andy. In my book, you’re now an official tool for Barack Obama.