Did anyone else notice this?

Amid all the hullaballoo about tire pressure, I wonder if anyone else noticed the following in Obama’s recent energy speech:

“Breaking our oil addiction is one of the greatest challenges our generation will ever face. It will take nothing less than a complete transformation of our economy,” he said. “This transformation will be costly, and given the fiscal disaster we will inherit from the last administration, it will likely require us to defer some other priorities.”

I believe us conservatives are missing the gravity of what he said, and it raises a whole legion of questions that our mainstream press has not been asking. What does he mean by “complete transformation”? How would he make this happen? What restrictions would he implement? What regulations would he enact? How much would this cost? Will he raise taxes to pay for it? What “other priorities” must we defer in order for Obama to undertake this transformation? Would he be willing to put us in a recession to make this happen? Will we all to drive Minis and scooters? Will we need traveling papers?

The questions spilleth over, but I hear no one in the mainstream press asking them. Let me put it another way. Obama said he intended to fundamentally change our American economy, the largest and most prosperous economy in world history and the engine that drives the world economy. When a liberal Democrat with virtually no economic track record and almost no economic experience makes these Large Pronouncements, I get nervous. We should all get nervous. We should also hold Obama to account for his remarks, and it needs to happen right now.