Coping Bleg

I leave it to the judgment of moderators whether this post is worthy of appearing anywhere on RedState, but it is a sincere bleg.

After the shootings in Tucson, it occurred to me that some people may try to make a political issue out of this. On reflection, I came to the conclusion that anyone who is such an abjectly stupid, morally depraved sack of dung that he would do that is probably so marginalized, posting to the ether on his own insipid blog, that I would never encounter such a thing. Then Paul Krugman, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and others just seemed to come out of the woodwork to prove that I was wrong.

Now, I never like it when someone proves conclusively that I’m wrong, but I really had some core beliefs about the decency of people shattered here. Frankly, the past few days leave me feeling like I need to bathe in disinfectant and scrape down with a wire brush just to get the filth spewed by these people off of me.

So, my question: how do you cope? Surely at least some other people are as genuinely shaken as I am. What do you do? Turn down the lights, make a martini and listen to Mozart to remind yourself that humans are capable of genuine genius? Do you get in a whirlpool bath with a glass of wine? Pray A LOT? What?

I don’t mean to turn RedState into a psychologist’s couch, but I think this is a genuinely pertinent question.

Thanks for your input.