The Superior Scientific Mind

To paraphrase Chesterton, the problem with atheists is not that they believe nothing, it’s that they’ll believe anything. I couldn’t resist the wonderful example of this in the following two Corner posts from the always unintentionally hilarious John Derbyshire.

Godless Bloggers [John Derbyshire]

I have got together with a handful of other conservative unbelievers and we have started a blog, Secular Right. We’d welcome thoughtful, un-cranky comments (the other kind will be filtered out). Indeed, if you have some experience of writing and/or blogging, and are of the secular-right confession, we’ll give you contributor status, conditional on a vote among existing contributors.

I’m blogging on the site as “Bradlaugh,” in honor of my home town.

11/25 10:13 AM

Keeee-aaaiiiiii! [John Derbyshire]

For anyone who doubts, or does not know, that the late Bruce Lee was a very extraordinary person indeed, here is a brief video clip of him playing ping-pong with nunchucks.. Children, please do not try this at home.

My personal memoir of Lee is here.

11/25 10:08 AM