David Frum on Sarah Palin

Here’s Frum’s post in its entirety.

Palin Reviewed

She’s under-informed and over-confident.

But there was no “macaca” moment, so she survives.

Those who wish to believe in her will continue to believe in her.

As for the rest – well it’s a 6 in 7 chance that McCain makes it to the end of his first term. That’s pretty good!

Now I know that this is just a blog post, and actual intellectual work is usually anathema to bloggers; but Frum has, in the past, shown an ability to do better. What is it that makes him think Palin is underinformed or overconfident? More to the point, what is it about Palin that reduces one of the more thoughtful bloggers to a second-grade playground bully? Frum’s post is the internet equivalent of “Hey, Sarah Palin is a poo-poo-head. Pass it on.”