Palin, Brookhiser, and McCarthy

I had almost written off Andy McCarthy during the Special Witch Hunt of Lewis Libby. Apparently out of loyalty to Fitzgerald, McCarthy refused to acknowledge what everyone else could see: that the man had disgraced himself as a prosecutor. Lately, however, McCarthy has been absolutely on fire with his posts on National Review’s “The Corner” regarding legal issues and security issues involving the GWOT. Today, however, he switched gears to political news, specifically the selection of Sarah Palin for the Veep slot.

Rick Brookhiser posted what could charitably be described as a spectacularly stupid and offensive series of remarks on the Palin pick, which I had some thoughts about responding to. But I can certainly do no better than to point you to McCarthy’s thoughtful and polite (one might say restrained, given the provocation) reply. It may get my vote for smackdown of the year, so I decided just to link it in lieu of producing what would by comparison be a lame and vitriolic response.