I Know How This Ends: A Message of Hope

There is a lot going on today, and the situation looks dire.  There is an election in two years – after redistricting.  One of the two senate seats in Georgia will be up for election, along with Nevada, Colorado, and New Hampshire (each where the Democrat won with 50% or less in their last election, 2016).  Donald Trump will not be a rallying cry for the Democrats.  There will be a Presidential election in 2024 with either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris leading the ticket for the Democratic side.  A glance through history suggests that may not go well.  The last “objection” President was Donald Trump (but to be fair, he was only half an objection candidate, many people were adamantly pro-Trump).  The one before that was Jimmy Carter, and the last “objection” president before that was, well I don’t know because I’m not sure how the elections went before FDR.

However, this story does not end with the next House election, Senate election, or President.  It doesn’t end with the next Supreme Court nomination.  The story hits its climax one day when all the nations are gathered together before the great white throne and the books are open, and another book, the book of life.  Each person will be checked against the book of life.  If their name is in it they will be told “well done good and faithful servant.  Enter into your master’s joy.”  A new Jerusalem will decend with gates each made from a 75 foot tall pearl.  The walls of the city will be built with jasper and topaz.  The street through the center will be made with gold polished to look like glass.  There will be a tree with every kind of fruit that is always in season.  There will be no tears, no sorrow, no pain.  There will be no night, no sun, and no moon because the Father of Lights will be there, and his presence will light the city.  This city will be filled with mansions, and runs a thousand miles in each direction.  There will be a feast and music and joy and singing.  Nothing will ever be old, and those whose names are in the book of live will live forever.

Everyone whose name is not in the book of life will be judged according to their deeds.  Every evil thought, every lie, every wrong ever done will be brought to light and they will be punished appropriately for every singe thing they have done wrong. There is not a place prepared for the condemned, so they will simply be thrown into the pit prepared for Satan.  It will be a place of darkness, and sadness.  The weeping will never end, and those there will never be satisfied.  While they will exist for all eternity their existence won’t be “living.”  Instead it will be an eternal death.

That will be a great and terrible day.  Every injustice will be answered for, every wrong brought before the judge of all the world.  That is where the story ends.  Who is elected to the Senate Seat in Georgia matters little when that day comes.

In the meantime we should not expect to be treated peacefully and respectfully in this life.  We forget that William Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Bible.  Peter was crucified upside down.  Christians were thrown to lions and lighted as torches.  Christians today are still burned, beaten, and robbed.  We have lived a privileged couple of centuries here in the West free from persecution.  This is abnormal.  The normal state of things is far different.  We should not be surprised as those in power grab more power and move the world closer to its fallen state.

Remember that this world is, and has been dark ever since a man and woman ate from a tree they were told not to eat from.  It will remain dark until a great and terrible day.  That is how this story ends.  Our task is to be light in the darkness until that day.  Who do you know in your life that you can bring light to?

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