Journalists are making me sick

(AP Photo/Hiro Komae)

Obviously, a recount and recanvassing is going on in Georgia right now.  Obviously, lawsuits are in process challenging Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Obviously, thousands of reports of fraud have been filed.  Yet news media presents the election as concluded.  This cannot be to try to convince you and me that the outcome is already decided.  The media know good and well that the outcome of the election will depend on the outcome of the cases.  Let’s assume Georgia flips during the recanvassing.  Let’s also assume (for the sake of argument) that Arizona manages to end up in the Trump column.  What then?  Now the entire outcome of the election depends on legal proceedings in three heavily contested states.  How will those cases be decided?  Let’s assume that fraud happened and the fraud might be enough to flip any one of the three states.  The judges in question will have to overturn not only the outcome of the state, but revoke Joe Biden’s Office of the President-Elect.  The whole media narrative has been built not to convince any of us, but to make any negative outcome appear to be a political act of overturning the will of the voters.  This is the exact approach that was taken to persuade Roberts not to overturn ACA.  The approach certainly would be enough to convince Roberts not to intervene.

This is absolutely disgusting.  I don’t understand why MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, NYT, WSJ, Fox, and so on all want a Biden presidency so badly that they are willing to stoop to these levels.  I understand that corrupt officials (i.e. Pennsylvania Secretary of State) will act corruptly in order to extend their power and influence.  That is, I understand voter fraud.  I also understand that some people get so involved that they are willing to cheat.  If Steeler’s fans could swing a game by something they do at home they absolutely would.  This would be the case even if what they did was illegal.  This was shown so clearly during the Kavanaugh hearing.  So I understand double voting.

What I do not understand is people going to school to study journalism, develop a passion for uncovering stories but pursuing propaganda.  I understand party officials making propaganda, I understand Goebbels, I understand the propaganda from USSR, Iran, and even Fauci.  I do not understand a large group of supposed journalists developing propaganda in order to try to force the hands of judges through the court of public opinion.