We Are Limited to Reality

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

I wish voter fraud was not happening in Pennsylvania.  I wish voter fraud was not happening in Nevada.  I wish voter fraud was not happening in Michigan.  I wish the Judiciary would force the elections to be free and fair.  I wish attorneys general would prosecute voter fraud.  I wish the Senate would refuse to acknowledge the electors from states with rampant voter fraud.  I could go on, but you get the point.

The problem is that I have no ability to affect any of those things.  Do I wish Donald J. Trump would be recognized as the real winner of Tuesday’s election?  Absolutely.  Am I frustrated that our semi-democratic society was not up to giving him a large enough margin to overcome fraud?  Again, yes.  However, I am limited to reality and the reality is that votes counted this year will probably overcome valid votes, and nothing I say or do can change that.

That said, there are several states that are going to be targeted for fraud that have Republican legislatures and Republican governors.  Florida, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, New Hampshire, Iowa, Indiana, I’m looking at you.  Every one of you has areas where Democrats will do in 2022 what they did this year in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami, and so on.  If you want free and fair elections you need to do the following…

  • Severely limit mail-in ballots.  Early voting is fine, but mail in ballots should be difficult to obtain. (I’ll come back to mail-in)
  • Take a palmprint and photo of each voter when entering a precinct. Later on during the “election integrity” portion of the night this will be critical
  • Time stamp each vote.  This allows a track for if ballot boxes were stuffed.  If you are using paper ballots the stamp should be traceable to a machine which would record the time and a unique serial number.  I.e. Machine SN156879 Time:11/3/2020 5:32:17 ID:GH2547KNJ  During recounts the serial number list will be grabbed from each machine and every vote will have to match the ID number issued by the matching Machine SN at the time given.
  • Give voters a copy of their vote along with the ID number.
  • After the election post the full results.  That is, for Arizona have a downloadable chart of every machine, the IDs and the vote tallies.  Every voter would be able to match their own receipt to the database.
  • At the end of the election night upload to the state server all data from each and every precinct.  Look for anomalies in time stamps (did one machine start recording too many votes, have you identified the same person voting multiple times, were there times when the vote shifted dramatically and a camera broke at the same time, etc.)
  • Report no results whatsoever until all votes are counted.  If you are Florida I understand you want to get your results out.  Don’t.  Broward County will screw up, and Miami-Dade will try to stuff their boxes.  Don’t let them know the number they have to fake.  Report nothing at all until there is a final count.  Any precinct officer who leaks the results goes to jail.  This may take a week.  So be it.  Report nothing until there is a final result*
  • At each location where the ballots are received (hopefully one per county) there will be a state observer along with an observer designated by each major party.  The state observer will check the voter name and ID against a state-wide database of registered voters.  If accepted the envelope will be signed by all four persons (state, county, Republican, Democrat), scanned (recording the ID number, and when it was received), and dropped into a lock box.  The lockbox will be a large (at least 1 ton) single box capable of holding the full number of mail-in ballots requested in the county.  The combination to open the box will be kept by the Secretary of State.  This process will likely happen once per day.
  • On election day the boxes will not be opened until after the polls close.  This allows any ballots to be delivered up to the time when polls close.  The room will be cleared of everything other than the lockbox, and the lockbox will be opened and the number of ballots counted.  If there is a discrepancy between the official record of number of ballots received and ballots in the box then the entire county’s mail in record will be considered “provisional.”  Each ballot will again be checked by 4 observers.  Any ballots that were not originally signed by 4 observers, or with a disputable signature will be set aside for further review.
  • The accepted ballots will be opened and scanned.  If the scan does not work correctly the ballot will be reviewed by 4 observers, recorded, and photographed for review.
  • Questionable ballots will be recorded.  Any ballots with fewer than four signatures will be evidence of voter fraud committed by all signatories.  The ballots will not be opened, and the voter associated with the ballot will be contacted by the State Police.  If the person did not vote this will count as further evidence of fraud.  If they did vote they will have an additional opportunity to vote.

I said above report nothing until there is a final result.  Somewhat… If one of the candidates is leading by more than the remaining number of voters then go ahead and release the results.

Points of weakness:

  1. Each voter really should have to present a photo ID.  I haven’t included that, but it really should be there
  2. The time between when a voter seals a mail-in ballot and when it is received is a weak link.
  3. It is difficult to determine if someone is trying to pressure or bully a mail-in voter, or if someone has filled it in.

Since the mail-in ballot is difficult to protect to the same level as the in-person it really should be minimized.

Again, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, New Hampshire, etc.  If you don’t act right now to secure your vote you will be screwed by your big cities just like Michigan.  I can’t change any of this.  You can.

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