Fill the vacancies. NOW!

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File

Joe Biden’s team has hired lawyers.  Lots of lawyers.  More lawyers than any other presidential team in history.  Clinton has put out pieces encouraging Biden not to concede under any circumstances.  The media is posting story after story about how there will be a blue tide of mail in ballots after polls close.

Here’s the reality.  Mail in ballots are ripe for fraud.  The Biden team is planning on winning via mail in ballots.  While I am not accusing the Biden team of planning fraud it is clear that they are planning to win via contesting the election in multiple districts to ensure enough mail in ballots are counted that Biden receives an electoral college victory.  Notice that the plan requires lawsuits.  This won’t be one lawsuit, it will be a hundred different lawsuits in multiple districts in several states across the country.  These lawsuits will primarily be processed in Federal courts.  Once a ballot is opened and mixed in there is no way to tell if it should have been counted.  The plan is to get as many ballots opened and mixed in under orders of Federal District courts as possible as quickly as possible.

There are 66 vacant district court seats right now.  10% of all the district seats are currently vacant.  There are already 41 nominees.  Fill 41 seats before the end of September.  This is absolutely essential to ensure that biased judges don’t order the ballot box to be stuffed in Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida (all of which have nominees pending).  Even if you don’t get all 41 seats filled, those 7 (3 in Ohio, 2 in Florida) need to be filled like tomorrow.  Also, nominees are needed for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.  The seats in swing states need to be filled before the election.