Advice to the Grand Masters of the Trump Campaign

AP Photo/Michael Perez

Armchair quarterbacking… all sorts of fun.  I wouldn’t say this is going to fall on deaf ears, rather I doubt it gets anywhere close to the right ears.  However, my thoughts for those running Trump’s campaign…

Get your own voters to go vote

  • Get back into the arena and do more rallies.  Lots of rallies.  Your supporters are so over COVID.
  • When the mail-in ballots are mailed out start running ads with “I voted for Donald Trump” by your people in all of the mail-in states
  • Show the country how COVID is below epidemic levels in X states.  “I got us through Obama’s economy, I got us through China’s flu, and I will get our economy back on track again.”
  • Promises Made, Promises Kept (Wall, Regulations, Judges)
  • John Roberts & Ginsburg

Win over the middle

  • “In case you missed it” highlights of radical Democrats, Tulsi’s takedown of Kamala, and Kamala’s torching of Biden
  • Tie the albatross of inner cities to Democrats.  “Every year [x] million people leave Democrat run cities.” “Biden/Harris, the party of riots, crime, horrible schools, and unemployment.”
  • School Choice – your kids education, your money to direct
  • Social Justice – Compare Harris as DA and Biden’s Crime Bill with Trumps Reform
  • Arab Spring, Benghazi, Lybia, Syria.  The US is less entangled in foreign wars than any time since…  Do you want our boys back in Syria?
  • Keep the crazy down just a little.  The more serious you are the higher your approval.
  • Biden wanted Bin Laden alive

Attack Biden’s Base

  • Biden’s competence
  • Biden’s fraility
  • Not even the Democrats wanted Harris.  Biden won’t be able to finish his term, you really want her taking over?
  • Sanders’ spurning by the party
  • Play Biden’s racist comments
  • Tara Reade


  • Get representatives into every counting location in every inner city.  Document the process.
  • Get your own ballot harvesters in every location allowed.
  • Get a count of the number of voters who vote in each precinct. If the totals out of a precinct is higher than the number of people who entered…
  • Have the USPS count the number of ballots mailed in!! Get that number published daily
  • File motions forcing a particular “receive by” date
  • Preliminary lawsuits based on places with clearly bad voting rolls


  • Encourage your supporters to mail things to districts that are highly democratic.  Clog the particular post offices.
  • Send not-ballots to registered Democratic voters before actual ballots are mailed.  Send a few over the course of 2 weeks so that by the time the actual ballot arrives it is thrown away as garbage.