The Southern Wall

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Anyone notice that there is no news on the wall recently?  That probably has to do with a few things

  1. 230 miles are already completed
  2. The completed sections are in the areas where illegal crossings have historically been the highest
  3. Illegal immigration is down 84% from last year

When Trump talked about his wall when running I rolled my eyes and thought “yeah right.”  Personally I thought it was an empty promise and that as soon as he was in office somehow the wall would morph into a virtual wall.  Turns out he actually intended to build hundreds of miles of wall.  I know this won’t be mainstream Redstate opinion, but it is mainstream Republican and Independent thoughts – we should have a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who have been in the country for years, but should only do so after securing the border.  Trump is entering a phase where he can negotiate from a position of strength.  The wall is already built.  Comprehensive immigration reform can now be negotiated from a position of strength.

So, why aren’t we hearing about the wall or immigration?  Because Trump is accomplishing his goals.  The reality is that of the 2,000 miles along the southern border almost all the illegal crossings were across maybe 100 miles distributed near a few critical cities.  Those are already secured.  The next most critical areas are rapidly being upgraded, and the illegal crossing rates will fall further.  We are also in the process of building out a virtual wall to add a security layer and improve our efficacy in high risk zones and in low coverage areas alike.

Another question for you – why aren’t we hearing about judicial appointments anymore?  Answer – Trump has (for the first time in decades) filled every open appeals position, and is in the process of filling the district court positions.  The Senate needs to get their freaking act together, but its another area we are winning.